XP SP3 Pro Gamer/ Phiên bản mới dành cho game thủ

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XP SP3 Pro Gamer/ Phiên bản mới dành cho game thủ

Bài gửi by picasso on 22nd March 2010, 4:06 pm

XP SP3 Pro Gamer/Phiên bản mới dành cho game thủ

Windows XP SP3 Pro Gamer Edition September 2009 (18.09.09) - Phiên bản mới dành cho game thủ đây.

Windows XP SP3 Pro Gamer Edition September 2009 | 1.01GB

Windows xp sp3 5512 pro gamer edition September 2009 stripped down version this windows was made with xp pro service pack 0 RTM as the source disk, with Sp3 Build 5512 added

Default windows language ENGLISH/UK
please change to your own language once installed
as its a fully unattended install

no need for any wga cracks with this one
it passes online as fully Genuine

the new cd-key is slipstreamed into the cd so no need to put when installing

the updates (hotfixes)
all hotfixes intergrated upto date September 2009

i burned the iso image with nero.. this will fit on a dvd-rom

special thanks to ghost killa for stripped down xp idea's

tcp ip = 16777215
uxtheme applyed


Internet explorer 8
Windows media player 11
Kels runtimes 5.6
Tooltipfixer 2.0 ,
Directx 9 August 2009
Directx 10 new edition
Directx 11 june 2009
Flash 10
Java 6 update 16
Shockwave 11
Klite mega pack 5.1.0
c++ 2005
AMD k8 processor driver 1.2
SetPoint 470
Gamebooster 1.2.1
Xfire 1.114
Avg antivirus 8.5.392
Winrar 3.90 regged


Accessibility options
Clipbook viewer
Internet games
Cameras and camcorders
Tape drives
Luna theme
additional mouse cursors
Movie maker
Music Samples
Speech support
Tablet pc
windows defualt sounds
Frontpage extensions
MSN Explorer
Outlook express
Windows Messenger 4.7
colour schemes
desktop cleanup wizard
Search assistant dog
Fax service

removed folders


so please do a clean install from system bootup with this windows cd disk. as this is not a upgrade disk.

Driverpacks base 8.12.5

MassStorage 9.0.1 txt mode (sata + raid)
Cpu 8.0.4
Chipset 9.0.2
Graphics A 9.06
Graphics B 9.06
Graphics C 8.12.1
Lan 8.12.1
Sound A 8.0.5
Sound B 8.0.5
Wlan 8.0.6
Graphics A languages 9.06
Graphics A physX 9.06
Monitor 81022
Sp3 hd audio 00002
Wireless 00002

added programs in a folder on the cd for you to manually install if needed

fraps 2.9.9
ventrilo client 3.0.5

Windows XP SP3 Pro Gamer Edition September 2009 |
File ISO - 1.01GB

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